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Where did time go??? October 19, 2008

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I can not believe it has been over 2 months since I had Ainsleigh.  I guess time flies when you change diapers and nurse a baby.  It sure has gone by fast.  I absolutely love being a mom.  It is the best feeling when she cries and I pick her up and she stops crying instantly.  She must know who her mom is.  She loves to smile.  She is trying to figure out noises.  She will ooh and ahh with me and then she smiles and tries to giggle.  I think she gets impressed with herself.  Or maybe she thinks it’s funny that I am totally amazed by her.  Well I hope everyone enjoys the photos I’ve posted.


Last Doctor’s Appointment!!! August 5, 2008

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I just had my last Doctors appointment today.  Yeah! I am so excited it is almost here.  It was the same as the last 3 weeks.  Check for dilation and effacement.  Same as before.  Good news though.  My weight was down.  Every girl especially the pregnant ones love to hear they have lost a few pounds.  I can thank Ainsleigh for my weight loss. She is so big, I don’t have room for her and a normal serving of food, and since I can’t do anything about her yet, I have to eat small amounts when I can.  I haven’thad any unusual food cravings.  I think the only thing I wentcrazy for was Maltabella, which is very hard to get.  A porridge I grew up on from South Africa.  Lucky for me and many thanks to My Auntie Christine.  She brought a box from South Africa with her in May.  I have been rationing it and plan to have somefor my last meal before Ainsleigh is here.

I am lucky to have no major problems with my pregnancy.  No morning sickness, or unusual things stressing me out.  The only problem I have had is one that will be with me forever.  I just can’t seem to walk.  I have a bad habit of falling a lot.  I blame my parents for not teaching me to walk properly, since I was young I stubbed my toes.  I took quite a fall on Friday.  I actually rolled my ankle in a pot hole by the truck and landed hard on my knee.  I went to the ER and was told I had a sprained left knee and sprained right ankle.  They did monitor the baby and she is just fine.  Well the funny part about the whole incident is the Nurse in the ER thinks he could teach me how to use crutches.  How is someone that can’t even walk normally when not injured, supposed to learn to use crutches.  Kevin kept trying to show me that if you lift up one leg you can go faster.  I couldn’t lift my right leg up because it was more stable than my left leg.  And my left leg has a brace from my thigh to my calf.  I’m sure it was an amusing site to see a pregnant lady on crutches with both legs hurt.  Surprisingly my legs are healing quickly.

I guess it wasn’t good enough just to be pregnant, I need to add injury.  Well I must say it has been an exciting last week waiting for Ainsleigh to arrive.  Next post should have info and pictures of Ainsleigh.


One Week Left!!! July 31, 2008

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I can’t believe I have one week left before we have a baby girl in our arms.  This pregnancy has gone so fast.  The slowest time has been the last 3 weeks when I have been scheduled for weekly doctors appointments.  I went to the doctor on  Wednesday and thought it would be my last one.  So much for wishful thinking.  He wants to see me one more time before next Thursday.  So far the baby is kicking too much.  And we are so anxious to see her.  I am more anxious to see what she looks like and Kevin is anxious to pinch her cheeks.  Hayle is just so excite to have a sister.  I know that Ainsleigh will look up to her big sister and want to be just like her.

So far we are just playing the waiting game.  I will be admitted to the hospital sometime on Thursday.  Just one week left.  I have been saying that all day today.  I am still in shock that it is almost over.  I guess when I get home from the hospital I will be saying “she’s really here”.  I am so blessed to have had an easy pregnancy.  No morning sickness, no major problems or concerns, I just feel like I am carrying a watermelon around my waist.  I am also so blessed to have the opportunity to be a mother.  I am so excited and yet kind of scared.  I am lucky to have the best mom and mother-in-law to help me when I need it.

Well I wish I could just sit and wait, but we undertook a huge project of redoing the floors in the apartment.  We pulled up the green carpet and have fixed a crack in the floor with concrete and as soon as that has cured we will be laying new wood flooring.  I just hope we get all the furniture back in and organized before I go to the hospital.  Hayle thinks it’s funny she has the piano in her room.  At least she has a sense of humor amongst the chaos.  I will keep everyone update on the arrival of Ainsleigh and if we get our project completed in time.


pregnancy countdown July 27, 2008

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Why a McBlog?

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I am writing this with my laptop on my lap and trying to look over my belly at the keyboard. I am expecting a McBaby soon and My McBelly has gotten too big. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and will be induced on Aug 7th if nothing happens sooner. I am so anxious and excited. I thought the best way to keep everyone informed about the anticipated arrival would be to start a blog.

I am new to blogging. My parents have a blog, GoStorybooking.wordpress. My brother has a blog, behindtheglasses.wordpress. So I guess you can say I gave into the pressures of the technical world. I used to tease my brother about bringing back the lost art form of letter writing and being the postal hero who lowered the price of stamps. I guess that won’t happen now that I am blogging.

I am excited about this new adventure in blogging and look forward to sharing any news I may have with you.